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WordPress plugin to make site secure | iTheme Security

Today’s biggest issue of WordPress users is that How to secure a WordPress website? And it is a really big issue at that time because there are a lot of Black Hat Hackers who are always trying to hack Websites. Before some time our own WordPress Website was hacked (That was related to the Programming). WordPress websites are not too secures if you don’t know anything about security otherwise it is a very good platform to run a website or blog and if you are a beginner then it is the biggest issue for your site because you don’t know how to secure it. Don’t worry today we will tell you about a WordPress Plugin to make site secure. So as usual, What are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

How to secure a WordPress website?

There are lots of methods to secure a WordPress Website and we can do this by using plugins and manually. And we will do this by using a plugin.

WordPress plugin to make site secure

Download this plugin from the WordPress Repository.

iThemes Security

There are two versions of iThemes Security Free and Paid. If you are a beginner and running a simple Blog or Website then you can use the free version but if you running a biggest website like a brand then you should buy the paid version.

So, Install this plugin in your site and activate it, then you need to do some settings and it is easy to use just follow the steps in the plugin step by step and just activate all settings one by one and that’s it, you no need to do anything else, this plugin will do everything by itself.

Some Features of iThemes Security Plugin

  • Prevent Brute Force Attacks
  • Change Admin Panel Address
  • Scan Your Complete Site
  • Force SSL Activation (If your server supported)
  • Turn Off File Editing From the Admin Panel Of WordPress Website
  • Block Numerous Attacks
  • Check When a file Was Edited

And there are dozens of other features available in this plugin, Just check out.

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If you need any kind of help related to the website security just drop your comment below and we will try to resolve your problems and secure your website.

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