How does internet work

Today We will discuss the Internet like What actually is the Internet? How does actually internet works? So, Let’s get started…

What actually is the internet?


Internet is known as “International Network” and sometimes it is also known as “Interconnected Network”. And both are right! Internet is an International Network and it is interconnected to all devices(Computer, Mobile, etc…) in the world that’s why it is also known as International Network. Internet is a Global Network that provides a variety of information and ways to connect to the other computers Globally.

Internet converts our world into a Global Village. This means after the invention of the internet our world looks like a Small Village Where anyone can talk to anyone easily.


How does actually internet works?


Internet connect Millions not Millions, Billions of Digital devices to each other. And the Internet is a Collection of all Websites in the world that’s why it is also known as WWW (World Wide Web). That’s like people can get information and stay connected to each other.

It converts Binary Data into Network Signals and then reverses this process

How Computers are connected?

Computers (all gadgets) connected by using IP Addresses.

Now Question is What is an IP Address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol and IP Address is the address of each device on the Internet. Every device has its unique IP Address like below.

  • Google’s IP Address =
  • Facebook’s IP Address = 176.13. 69.63.
Who invent the internet
When the internet was invented

Type of Network

There are 3 types of network

  1. LAN
  2. MAN
  3. WAN


LAN stands for “LOCAL AREA NETWORK”. It is the LOCAL Network of a company/Building/school college and university.


MAN stands for “METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK”. It is a network of cities. This means it is not too large as WAN is but it is large than LAN.


WAN stands for “WIDE AREA NETWORK” It is a World Wide Network.

History of internet


First Inventors of the internet?

Bob Kahn Vint Cerf

Internet (It was not a real internet it was just a small network) came into the world in the 1960s with the creation of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). ARPA Adopted TCP/IP on 1st Jan 1983 and from 1983 started the phase of collecting networks of networks and later that all Networks become a Global Network that is known as INTERNET Now.


Internet Ki Dunya

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