Top 7 ways to make money from the internet

Top 7 ways to make money from the internet in 2022

There are lots of ways to earn money online. But we will discuss only the Top 7 ways to make money from the internet. So, What are you waiting for??? Let’s Get Started

1) Freelancing | One of Top 7 ways to make money from internet

Today almost everyone knows, What is Freelancing? If you do not know. Don’t worry I will tell you everything about it.

First of all What is Freelancing? and How to make money from Freelancing?

In General, Make money by utilizing your free time is freelancing. But now this term (Freelancing) is dedicated for online earning. So, make money from the internet is Freelancing and a person who makes money from the internet is a Freelancer.

Now the Question is How to Become a Freelancer?

To become a freelancer you must have a skill. And you can learn any skill, It is up to your interest.


  • Website Development (WordPress.Org is the best option for it).
  • Graphic Designing.
  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

And there are a lots of other skills. Just Google it 🙂

Now Most of you thinking How to sell our Skills Online after learning? Am I Right? Yes!

There are many websites to sell your skills online and most popular from them are mentioned:

2) Blogging | One of Top 7 ways to make money from internet

In my opinions Blogging is an easiest way to make money from internet.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is exactly like writing columns in a News Paper. We write content on the Internet on a website according to our interests. And a person who does Blogging is known as a Blogger.

There are two most popular platform to create a blog for free.

Now the Question is How make money from blogging?

After make a Blog Upload content (Articles) and then apply for Google Adsense. If Google approve your Blog (Website), then Google will show ads on your site and you will get paid for it.

How to Apply for Google Adsense?

  • Upload at-least 20-30 Articles and the length of each article must be at-least (350+ Words) and If it will be more than 1000 or 1500 Words then it is great!
  • Apply For Google Adsense after at-least one month of creating your Blog.

NOTE: Keep in your mind, Do not try to upload copyright content or even a single image. Otherwise, Google will not approve your site. Upload your own content.

3) YouTube

YouTube is a Very Popular Website and it is an International Company. Everyone use YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube?

Make Videos according to your interest and Upload them on your YouTube Channel That’s it. And it is exactly like Blogging. In Blogging, We write articles and on YouTube, we make videos instead of articles.

We can run both (YouTube Channel and a Blog) at a time like this: Make a video and upload it on your YouTube Channel and write the article on the same topic on your Blog.

It is same as Blog, you have to approve your YouTube Channel for Google Adsense to make money.

4) Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing We Sell other companies’ products and they give us a commission according to the product price.

How to make money from affiliate marketing?

We can do this by using our Blog and YouTube Chanel. Write articles on your Blog regarding the product (that do you want to sell) and make a video too, about that and if someone buys that product through your link (Blog & Channel) then you will get your Commission.

Popular Website for Affiliate Marketing

And many more. Just Google it 🙂

5) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a king among of all other methods of online earning.

How to make money from Digital Marketing?

First of all, you need to know What is Marketing? Marketing means the art of selling something to someone. That’s it. You no need to read dozens of other definitions of marketing just keep this one in your mind.

And Now the Question is What is Digital Marketing? The art of selling something to someone by using “Computer & Internet” is Digital Marketing.

Now the Question is How to Earn Money From Digital Marketing?

In Digital Marketing you will help other people or companies to sell their products

Where to start?

  • You can Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adword

6) Online Teaching

You can teach the people online if you have any skill like if you can speak English then you can teach English and if you know social media marketing then you can teach people “How to do social media marketing” and if you have any kind of other skills, you can sell them online.

You may face some difficulty in starting but believe me, Freelancing is an Addiction and if you are steadfast on it then you will enjoy it But I would like to tell you that it can take some months or about a year to get your first job done! So You need a lot more patience.

7) Social Media Marketing

This is the era of Social Media and if you are an expert in social media marketing then you can help the people to sell their products by Social Media Marketing and it is going to get more fame in the future.

Social Media Marketing is not too hard to learn if you really want to earn a lot from the Internet then Social Media is a king for the time and in the future.

If you need any kind of help regarding this, drop your comment below. We will try our best to resolve your problem.

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