Pubg is banned

PUBG is ban in Pakistan | Why PTA banned PUBG?

PTA (PAKISTAN Telecommunication Authority) Banned Pubg Game in Pakistan. On 1 July 2020 PTA is announced officially pubg is banned in PAKISTAN temporarily.

Why PTA Banned PUBG in Pakistan

Pubg is banned because some youngsters are tried to suicide in Lahore and some of them committed suicide, that’s why the Government of Lahore requested the PTA (PAKISTAN Telecommunication Authority) to Ban pubg.

There are most people are agreed with PTA’ Decision, and most of them are parents of youngsters (Pubg Lovers). Parents say due to this game their children always playing this game and they do not do other works even they are not focusing on their studies and then now the Suicide cases of some Pubg Lovers.

This Ban is temporary and PTA has provided an Email to take the public reviews about pubg game. Are you agree with PTA’ Decision or not send your feedback at Below Email and write comments below and tell us your opinions about this Decision, Means what do you think this decision is wrong or not?

Let’s Talk about it

Most people say it is (Pubg) is very addicted and once someone starts to play this game then he or she will not want to left the game and some youngsters try to commit suicide and I am agreed with this decision of PTA because this game is really addictive and it is really disturbing the mentality of it’s lovers due to continuously playing this (pubg) game.

What are your Opinions about this Decision tell us in comment box.

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