Privacy Policy

We are the team of InternetKiDunya.Com and We know the importance of your privacy, that’s why your privacy protection is one of our first priorities.

At Internet Ki Dunya  We follow some policies.

  1. We don’t ask about your personal information.
  2. We never store your personal information.
  3. We don’t ask about your source of income and other information like this.


Privacy Policy Changes

We change our Privacy Policies from time-to-time and that’s why we encourage our visitors to check this page after passing some time if you are a regular visitor to our site. And We never save your personal information in our database. If you want to ask anything related to your Privacy/Data, Please Contact Us without any hesitation, We are always available to answer the questions related to the Privacy Policies of our website. We do not share your personal data with anyone Like your Email Address and other contact information when you subscribe to our NewsLetter.



We use cookies to make a better user experience while using our website. Cookies are used to optimize the website speed and performance and cookies stores in your browser and now it is up-to your web browsers, how they store cookies to make a better user experience. And almost all websites in the world use cookies to optimize the speed of website and performance. Cookies store some website data in the browser and it helps to open and run the website faster and after some time browsers delete cookies if you don’t visit for some days to a website and if you want to clear/delete the cookies then you can do this manually from your browser history.


Google DoubleClick Dart Cookies

Google is one of a third-party vendor on our site. It also uses cookies, known as DART cookies, to serve ads to our site visitors based upon their visit to and other sites on the internet. However, visitors may choose to decline the use of DART cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network Privacy Policy. Click Here


We do not store your comments in our servers until it’s marked as Spam or Illegal Material but some times we save your comments in our server to improver our website by acting on your suggestions and your Legal Comments are always available in our website’ front end to help the other visitors to use this website. 


Log Files

In our website, we also use a Log File like others and it is created by hosting and this is used to get the user IP (Internet Protocol) Address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), Browser Type, Date/time and some other information like when someone visits this site, what he read, how much time he spent on our website, How many times he/she comes to our site and where is he/she from and this information is all about the website and use to improve the website performance and this is not related to your personal information.


Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

We do not store children’s information and if you think your child had submitted some confidential information to us, please Contact Us as soon as you can so that we can delete it from our records. and we do not store information of a child under 15. And we encourage you to please keep an on your child like what he is searching on the internet and what type of information he is submitting to the websites while visiting and some websites collect some confidential information without knowing the visitors so, please take care of the child and information from them.


Third-Party Privacy Policies

Our Website Internet Ki Dunya does not apply to other Websites or Advertiser. Only Google will show ads on our site according to the user’s internet experience. If you want to know more details about Third Party Privacy Policies or Cookies then you can find this in your browser and it depends on your internet experience. Google shows ads according to the User’s interest respectively. 


Our NewsLetter

When a visitor subscribes to our NewsLetter then he provides us his Email address that we store in our record to send them newsletters and send some articles related to their interest. And we do not share this Email with someone else because your privacy is one of our first priorities. So you can subscribe to our newsletter without any hesitation.


What information we will collect

We collect only your provided emails for the newsletter, your comments, IP Address, Browser type, ISP, and all information related to our websites, like what you are reading, how many times you have visited, how much time you spent on our site and your country name.


How we use your information

  • We use your Email to send you our NewsLetters if you are one of our subscribers.
  • We use your comments to help the other visitors to use Internet Ki Dunya
  • We use your opinions to improve our website performance.

You can read Google’s Privacy Policy by Clicking Here.


By using Internet Ki Dunya, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policies and agree to its terms.