what is the buyer request on Fiverr and how to bid on Fiverr

What is buyer request on Fiverr? | How to bid on Fiverr?

In the last two tutorials, we have discussed “How to create a Fiverr account” and “How to create Gigs on Fiverr”. So, today we will learn What is buyer request on Fiverr and where to find them and How to bid on Fiverr.

What is buyer request on Fiverr?

In Fiverr the Buyer Request means a job post by the client. Not Understand? It’s ok, let me explain. We can get jobs in two ways on Fiverr

  1. The first way is that the client buys our Gig and we will get paid for it. (If you don’t know what is Gig on Fiverr then Click Here)
  2. The second way is that we will bid on the clients’ project and If the client likes our bid then the client will hire us for his project.

Remember that many peoples(Sellers) can apply on a single project(Buyer Request) that’s why I have to write If the Client likes your bid otherwise the client will hire someone else.

When a Client does not want to buy a Gig directly on Fiverr then he uploads a project(details of his project) and Freelancers/Sellers bid on it and this type of project(project details) that a client upload to find the best freelancer/seller for his project is known as a Buyer Request.

Now you know that what is Buyer Request(s). So let’s discuss where to find buyer requests on Fiverr and How to bid on them.

Where to find buyer requests on Fiverr?

In the Navigation Bar/Menu at the most right side, you will find an option More click on it and then a drop-down will appear then click on “Buyers Requests

Buyer Request Tab

After clicking on it Fiverr will take you to the Buyer Request’s Page (Where you will find buyer requests).

Buyers Request Page

In my case, it’s showing 632 active buyer requests but if you are a new seller then it will show you some bids like 2,3,4, or 10 to 15. I mean it will show you a fewer number of buyer requests than Level One, Level Two, or Top Rated Sellers

Keep in mind that you can send only 10 Offers in a day according to my countries’ time zone(GMT+5) Fiverr Refresh my offers at 5 AM means give me again 10 bids for the present day.

You can see buyer requests only if you have converted your account to a Seller Account and Created at least one Gig. And the buyer request does not show the whole day it will show in the specific time frame(When Fiverr Wants) so you need to refresh your browser page(You can also press Ctrl+r to refresh) all the time and it will show buyer requests according to your country’s time zone and your account level.

How to bid on Fiverr?

To Bid on a Buyer’s request hover on a buyer’s request(take your cursor on the buyer’s request) and it will show a Send Offer button.

How to bid on Fiverr

Click on the Send Offer button and It will show a popup and write your details(like how you will solve the client’s problem etc…) and that’s it.

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