How to add two-factor authentication in WordPress?

How to add two-factor authentication in WordPress?

If do you want to know “How to add two-factor authentication in WordPress?” then read this article and in this tutorial, we will discuss Two Factor authentication for WordPress. We will do this using a plugin and this plugin will add two-factor authentication on your WordPress site and it will work with the 2-Factor authentication app. So Let’s Start…

How to add two-factor authentication in WordPress?

First of all download this plugin from WordPress repository.

Wordfence Security_Firewall & Malware Scan

Once you have downloaded this plugin then install it in your WordPress Site and activate it. After activation, it will ask for E-mail, Enter your E-mail, and press on continue.

Then Click on Login Security

Then it will open a screen like this

Click on Require 2F for these roles and then click on Save

You can choose user rules like which users need two-factor authentication to log in. Then once you have activated this, then it will open a screen like this

Now you need to download an authentication app, there are many Multi-Factor authentication apps are available and you can use any one from them but I suggest you, Use the Two Factors Authentication app of Google or Microsoft because these are trusted platforms.

Click here to download the Google Authenticator App

Once you have installed this App then open it and scan the QR Code on WordPress Plugin Screen or Enter the key in your authenticator app that is mentioned below the QR Code. And That’s it, now Two Factor Authentication is Activated on your WordPress Website.

If you want to learn more about two-factor authentication by Wordfence Plugin, Just Click Here.

Click Here to Learn WordPress

If you need any kind of help related to the two-factor authentication, Drop your Comment Below and we will try to solve your problem.

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