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How to add social media share buttons to WordPress? | AnyToAny Share Buttons

Today, We will discuss how to add social media share buttons on WordPress on all posts. So, Let’s get started

How to add social media share buttons in WordPress

To add social media share buttons on all posts, we need to install a plugin that we can download from the WordPress repository for free.

Install this plugin

AnyToAny Share Buttons

After the installation of this plugin, you can modify it. Like you can choose how many icons do you want to show on posts. And after the setup of this plugin, it will show Social Media Share Icons on all posts automatically.

Why it is necessary to add Social Media Share iCons on Posts

Social Sharing buttons are necessary because if someone reads your article and he wants to share this with his/her friends then he can share it easily if you have added these icons on your site. But if you did not do this then if someone wants to share your article with someone and if he/she will not found the Social Sharing iCons then he will not share this. That’s why it is necessary to add this feature to your site to rank your articles and website. And this will help you in SEO (Search Engine Optimizations).

How does it will help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If someone shares your article on Social Media and any other platform(Website) then you will get a Backlink for your site and if you are an SEO Expert then you know the importance of BackLinks. And if too many people share your article then Google will rank your Article and Website in Search Engine and your post can viral on Social Media too.

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