Google is going to invest $10 billion in India

Google is going to invest $10 Billion in India

On 13 July 2020 Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was announced on Google News and his official Twitter Account that “Now Google is going to invest $10 Billion in India” This investment is to support the digitalization in India. This investment can take India to the next level in technology, and they are doing this especially for the new generation of India.

This mission is to Support the new generation

Google is going to invest $10 billion in India

This is a big step for India’s new generation, Sundar Pichai says this mission is deeply personal to him

because he belongs to India and he knows the environment of his country well, and that’s why he is going to invest in India to help the Indians.

This mission is going to change the structure of India completely, he said this is not only for Indians, if we invest in India then it will go to help the rest of the world because India is one of the largest country in the world and if we change India then it will also very helpful to rest of the world.

Innovation in small businesses

It is going to very helpful for small businesses to grow. There are many new businesses in India that can grow using technology but it is not possible for the time just because of the lack of technology in the small villages in India.

Google’s News Website

You can read the article published by Sundar Pichai by Clicking Here on the official Google News Website.

Google is going to invest $10 billion in India

Google’s Funds for Digitalization of India

Google will focus on four points in the next 5-7 years

  1. People will be able to access the information in all languages in India, and it will be affordable for all.
  2. Introduce new products that will fulfill the Indian’s unique needs.
  3. This investment will empower businesses to grow using technology.
  4. Technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Social Good, in areas like health, education, and health

You can watch/read the Article written by Sundar Pichai on Google’s Official News Website


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