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We have already discussed, How to create a Fiverr account, How to Create a Gig on Fiverr, and How to Bid on Fiverr. Today our topic is Fiverr SEO Complete Guide, especially for beginners. So what are you waiting for??? Let’s get started…

Let’s Start Fiverr SEO Complete Guide

We have Divided Fiverr SEO Complete Guide into Three simple steps. Just follow them and please keep in mind these all are White Hat SEO Tricks and 100% Legal. We have applied these all tricks on our own Gigs and It works exactly according to our expectations that’s why we have decided we should share our experience with you.

Fiverr SEO tricks for gig titles

First of all, when you are creating a Gig you should focus on your gig title. The gig title should be catchy and SEO-friendly. When we write our first title it generates the URL of the Gig(It is unchangeable and this is for SEO of your Gig). For Example, I am an SEO expert and I am selling my SEO Services on Fiverr.

When I will write my title of the Gig like I Will do complete SEO of your website then it will make the URL of the gig like this (I will, will not show in the URL).

This URL is Unchangeable and now I will change my Gig’s title and make it a little more simple and catchy for clients so they can know what exactly I am offering.

I will do complete ON-PAGE SEO within 24 hours

Now It’s looking nice because it’s a cristle clear title of my service that I’m offering.

Fiverr SEO tricks for gig tags

Choose your gig tags wisely because It’s the second most important thing in your Fiverr SEO after Title. Fiverr allows a maximum of 5 tags/per-gig.

Now the question is that how to choose tags?

There are two ways to choose tags for your Gig.

  1. First, Go to Fiverr.Com and search for service that you are offering and Fiverr will show you some relevant keywords and you can choose tags from them like I offer Website SEO Services and I will search for Website SEO and It will show me some relevant keyword like all other sites does(Google, YouTube, etc…)
Fiverr Search Results to choose tags for your gig

2. Second thing is that visit your competitors’ gigs and look at their tags and choose from there. Visit at someone’s gig and then press(Ctrl+f) and write keyword “tags” in the POP-UP and it will take you to the tags section of that particular gig.

Do not copy other’ gigs tags just take an idea from them and make your own tags relevant to your gig.

Fiverr SEO tricks for gig description

Write your description 100% relevant to your Gig/Service and make sure you have used your targeted keyword in the first paragraph of your description.

For Example, My title is “I will do complete ON-PAGE SEO within 24 hours” and in this title, my targetted keyword is “ON-PAGE SEO within 24 hours” it means when someone search on Fiverr “ON-PAGE SEO within 24 hours” my gig will show in the results but not immediately. For new sellers, it can take some days to show your Gig on the First Page of Fiverr Search results if your SEO is good!

So, write “ON-PAGE SEO within 24 hours” in the first paragraph of your gig description like this.

If you are looking for an On-Page SEO service then you are at the right place. I will provide you ON-PAGE SEO Service within 24 hours

You can write your own catchy lines at the start of the description

Keep Sharing Your Gigs On Social Media and Other Platforms Like Quora, Reddit, and Medium, etc… to get views

Have more questions related to Fiverr? We’re here to help you, just drop your comment below!

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