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Do you want to know something really interesting about Candy Crush Game? Yes! Just read this article and we will tell you Candy Crush Game Facts. Many people in the world play Candy Crush Game regularly and enjoyed it. So, What are you waiting for? Let’s get start…

Candy Crush Saga Facts

  • More than 90% of Candy Crush Saga Players are over 21.
  • Candy Crush Saga team release 15 NEW LEVELS every Week
  • Downloads 1B+ (More than 1 Billion)
  • Rating on Play-Store is 4.6/5

What is the Net Worth of Candy Crush Saga?

  • In 2018 Candy Crush Saga’ Net Worth was $1.8B+ (1.8 Billion Dollars).
  • Players buy special actions to solve some difficult boards

What is the highest score of Subway Surfer?

The highest score of Candy Crush Saga is 1,999,259,792

How many candies have been swiped in Candy Crush Saga?

350 trillion candies have been swiped in Candy Crush Saga

Did anyone finish candy crush saga?


Simon Leung is the the Guy who Completed the All Levels Of Candy Crush Saga.

Which Company makes Candy Crush Game?

King Company made Candy Crush Saga Game in April 12, 2012

Is candy crush good for your brain?

No, The candy crush game is not good for your brain. Not only Candy Crush, but no video game in the world is also good for your brain. this is only addiction and if companies say it is good for the brain, they are only trying to make popular their video games by creating some myths

Reference: Wikipedia

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